Student Story: Parsa


  • With the skills and knowledge that she has gained as a Woodbury Architecture student, Parsa can now build all of the projects that have lived inside her head. Watch her story.
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Ever since starting at Woodbury, fabrication has been a huge passion of mine. And it was pretty scary for me in the beginning to start with it. I had never used a table saw before. I had never welded before.

From the first week that you start, you are learning welding, 3D printing, woodshop. And now that I've learned all of these fabrication methods, I'm able to build all of these projects that have always lived inside my head. And now I can carry them out. And it's been really awesome to see that.

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For my undergrad, I pursued human biology at UCSD. And I was on the track for becoming a doctor or a surgeon. That's what I thought I wanted to do.

I didn't end up getting into medical school, so I had a big reassessment. I ended up working for an interior architecture firm. I knew immediately that this is what I wanted to do.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I think we've been very fortunate that there's so much architecture on the forefront of things.

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Some of my biggest concerns, I think, starting the program here was that I had such little knowledge on how buildings are actually built, and how to build, and what materials to use, and whatnot. I felt nervous. I had three years for my master's program to learn everything I needed to know. And it felt unattainable at the beginning. But now the amount that you learn every semester, I know what's happening now. I can see that they're pouring the slab, that the framing is going up. Within a year's time, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on architecture and construction.

I would say within the near future I would like to have my own firm doing residential projects, small scale projects. I feel like I can pursue whichever one I want, because the curriculum here is so well-balanced.

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