School of Architecture


The School of Architecture’s STEM-based programs develop entrepreneurs, citizen architects and culture builders equally committed to professional practice, theoretical discourse, social equality and technological inquiry. The programs in the School of Architecture include:

  • Bachelor of Architecture – A STEM-designated, five-year course of study leading to a NAAB-accredited professional architecture degree. (Offered in both Burbank and San Diego)
  • Bachelor of Interior Design – A top-ranked BFA program in the art of creating a memorable experience in the space that surrounds us.


  • Master of Architecture (MArch) – This STEM-designated professional graduate program empowers students to address urgent issues through the design of the built environment. (Offered in both Burbank and San Diego)
  • Master of Science in Architecture (MSArch) – A one-year, STEM-designated graduate program that invites architects and non-architects to explore this expanded zone of interdisciplinary practice. (Offered in both Burbank and San Diego)
  • Master of Interior Design (MID) – A graduate program in interior environments that elevates and reinvents the discipline of interior design by mining and re-imagining the range of our human experiences.
  • Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development (MSArchRED) – A graduate program designed to change the status-quo and help architects become real estate developers. (Offered in San Diego only)

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I decided Woodbury because I do tend to learn better with a smaller group of people. So Woodbury being a smaller campus was the right fit for me, because then I get this one-on-one with a teacher. If I need help, I'm able to get help that day.

Some of the faculty on the campus have finished their studies in great, established universities like Harvard University and Princeton University, and I think that helps a lot. Because it's a small community, they have a lot of time for each and every student on campus, and it helps a lot to provide their experience and what they have learned from their professors.

Being in my second year, I've already had hands on experience with building models out of chipboard, in which I used the laser cutter. I got familiar with the laser cutter. We also work with 3D printing.

Having these resources helps a lot because it's a fast-growing world. And to get hands-on experience on something-- a lot of firms now want elaborate 3D models to be printed and built, and I think the university provides a great experience.

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