College of Liberal Arts


In a rapidly changing world, the College of Liberal Arts is committed to providing students with the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to thrive, no matter what career they choose. The programs in the College of Liberal Arts include:

  • Computer Science in Data Analytics – This program helps students visualize, describe and analyze data and prepares them to utilize this knowledge and skill for data analysis strategies in business, finance, engineering, medical research and beyond.
  • History – A program that offers an interdisciplinary approach with a global perspective and insights from political science and economics.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies – Students design their own program, enabling them to receive an exclusive academic experience that aligns closely with their intrinsic motivations.
  • Political Science – A program that provides students with broad perspective, critical thinking abilities and interpersonal skills that make effective leaders in any setting.
  • Professional Writing – A leading-edge program that helps to develop students’ writing abilities as well as an understanding of the latest technologies and information environments.
  • Public Safety Administration – A unique interdisciplinary approach to the study of criminal justice and human behavior, enabling students to evaluate and address the causes of crime, as well as the unique challenges facing today’s law enforcement agencies. 

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College of Liberal Arts here at Woodbury gives you that free range to vocalize what you want of your experience, and then execute it and see to it. You can choose what you want to do. You can choose what kind of programming you want. And if you don't know what you want to do just yet, you can go into Interdisciplinary Studies, which is a major that we have here that you can take two different interests, smash them into one, and you've made your own major, and you can play around with all your interests.

I really want to become a storyboarder for animation, and the writing class has really helped me to create perspectives that maybe other people wouldn't have. Combining both skills is going to make me a marketable person once I leave Woodbury.

Because we're a small school, we all really get to know each other. It's not just the Writing department, or just COLA. We're also connected with the artists on campus, with the business majors on campus-- and I think, leaving Woodbury, that's a great thing to have, because then we have that network already built in.

When I tell people that I'm a Writing major, the first thing I get asked is what I want to do with it, and thankfully, now that I'm about to graduate, I know the answer. Because of the College of Liberal Arts, I was able to put on my resume that I was a former editor-in-chief, and that attracted a lot of different job offers, which gives me a lot of confidence knowing that I have worked really hard here at Woodbury, and it shows.

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