Experience & Internships


  • Our student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1 and our average class size is just 15, enabling students to engage and learn in ways that are generally not possible at larger institution.
  • Every program at Woodbury requires an internship. That means that students will begin applying what they learn while they are still in school, and gain valuable experience and make critical connection before they graduate.
  • Because Woodbury is practice-based, students also gain valuable, real-world experience in their classrooms and studios. From helping a non-profit rebrand, to designing a fashion collection, to developing a business plan, our students are gaining the experience they need to be successful while they are at Woodbury.
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I think the best thing about Woodbury and how it really prepares its students to actually go into the workforce is that the students are required to do internships, which is incredible-- the fact that we're not only pushed to make that connection ourselves, but the fact that we're offered so many options. From our advisors to just professors, we're encouraged and required to reach out to these people and make the connection, because we're all beginners. But having that first step is really what gets you out there.

Having an internship while you're at school is extremely beneficial. I found that it made me more confident in my own major. I learned how to be really professional and how to dress more professionally. I know how to connect with people and use what I learned from school to help myself get a leg up in my internship and in other jobs that I'll have post graduation.

I would say Woodbury University is pretty much in the middle of everything. And then you have outreach from all sides of Los Angeles and California coming over here. You do get a lot of firms even in Santa Monica, downtown-- and just the location overall. During the summer, I interned with Ernst Young, which is one of the big four accounting companies in the world. And I was able to get into that simply through the firm's event that we're having at the school and we're hosting it for all the accounting majors. And I am excited to go back, because I got my full time offer from them.

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