The Making Complex


  • At Woodbury you will find some of the most sophisticated fabrication technologies available. Take a closer look at the university's Making Complex, a unique space for helping our students build their projects.
  • Learn more about the Making Complex at Woodbury.

Coming into architecture, everything is really computer-based now. And I wanted to dive more into the making side of it. I wanted to do something more hands on. And I find that making your vision on the computer and making it in dimensional is just completely different, and seeing it physically is just so much more magical.

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The Making Complex-- that's our fabrication facilities. That's our digital lab, our wood lab, and a material testing lab. We have one at our Los Angeles campus and one in our San Diego campus.

The wood lab is closer to being considered a prototyping lab, so it's not specifically about working with just wood. We have an amazing amount of machines and hand tools and power tools all based on providing students an access to work with foam or wood or plastic or plaster.

There's the Digital Lab. That's where we do 3D printing and laser cutting. The Material Testing Lab is the space for students to come and explore new ways of making things and play with advanced materials.

The newest addition to the Making Complex is our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Lab. Woodbury has all these facilities because we're interested in pushing the boundaries of design.

Coming here as a student, I was really nervous, and all the machines intimidated me. So in a way, I want to help students who had felt that way. And how I wanted to do that is by just showing students the correct way to do things just so they feel more confident.

There's always someone standing there ready to help you at the level of deciding on material to use or a production technique all the way down to what hand should I use to actually push this piece of material through the saw.

Before coming to Woodbury, I've always wanted to be an architect, but I've never fully realized what being an architect meant. Once I got here and started to learn, I was actually able to combine two of my passions, which was more along the lines of electronics and computers and also making things with my hands. Those things get combined here at the Making

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